Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rebekah, July 24, 2010 - A Gift From Mother

Rebekah's Flowers were sent to me via her mother who wanted to surprise her with a painting preserving the flowers in memory of her wedding. The flowers were peach/pink roses, purple status, purple sweet peas, pink/purple carnations and white lisianthus.
View of left and right sides of canvas

Danielle & Matt Wonders, November 14, 2009

Danielle's bouquet was made with purple orchids and green leaves. She wanted her painting to be uncomplicated and contemporary with specific background colors.

After Danielle received her bouquet painting she inquired about getting a smaller 6 x 12 one done for her mother

Victoria, October 24, 2009

Victoria wanted a large canvas of 24 x 36 inches. Her bouquet had a beautiful range of flowers with green orchids, purple stock, purple orchids, gardenias and purple mums.
Here are some close up sections of the painting.
Gardenias don't last too long or press well in a regular press. But I managed to save enough of them to use in the painting through another method or pressing.

Mums press well especially if you lay them in individually. The red to purple colored flowers usually turn deeper after pressing.
Orchids are known for not keeping well in a press. They usually turn dark brown. I have my best luck with the purple and green orchids

Kathleen's Bouquet

The bride chose a 20 x 20 canvas which was perfect to show off all of her flowers. If you want a bit of all your flowers on the canvas it is best to use at least a 16 x 20 inch canvas.